Welcome to Floyd's Meat & Seafood!

Floyd's Meat & Seafood

 Celebrating 42 years in Business!

 Sherwood Plaza

4067 E. Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, Arkansas 72120
(next to Casa Mexicana Restaurant)
Winter/Spring Hours
1 November- 30 June
Closed Sunday & Monday

10- 6 Tuesday thru Friday
10-4 Saturday 

Summer/Fall Hours
1 July- 31 October
 Closed Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays
10-6 Wednesday-Friday 
10-4 Saturday

Our phone number is (501) 833-3308

We accept VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, EBT (food stamps) debit, credit and good 'ol cash.


NO checks.


The holidays are coming fast! Get your orders for your get-togethers,

parties, fai-do-dos and general celebrating in soon! 


 Crawfish Season 2019 is over and done!!

See you again in January 2020 for next year!!!


Due to Larry's quickly failing health, I have decided to cut Tuesdays out of the business schedule for the summer and into early fall so I can spend some quality time with him.
He has been diagnosed with some type of degenerative brain disease that is effecting his motor skills, memory and speech.  He has begun having seizures on an almost daily basis.
But this very proud man is not going down without a fight and we welcome all prayers and well wishes as we regard our customers like family.
I appreciate your understanding in this matter and apologize for any inconvienence  it may cause our wonderful customer family. 
Floyds Meat and Seafood
July 13th 2017 


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 Live Crawfish will return in Winter 2019


Carlos "Bud" Gordon
January 16th 1926- March 16th 2015
"A lot of wonderful things come wrapped in plain brown paper. Bud Gordon was one of them. Don't ever belittle the packaging, he was worth his weight in gold".

We're famous! Check out our segment on Fox 16 about fake health inspectors:





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About Floyd's

Floyd's Meat and Seafood got its start on Marshall Rd. in Jacksonville, in 1978. Floyd Johnson was a butcher's son, and moonlighted as a butcher while serving in the US Air Force. After he retired from the USAF in 1977, he got bored painting the house, puttering in the garden, and goofing off, and bought a small grocery store that was on Marshall Rd. He got the whole family in the act, including his late wife, Rhonda, and their children, Lorie, Lisa, and Thad.

Today, that site is now a "Chilis", and the business moved briefly to Crestview Plaza in Jacksonville, then to its current location on Kiehl Ave. in Sherwood. Lisa Marshall bought the business from Floyd, who still helps out -when he's not playing with his airplane. Thirty years is a long time to own a business, but Lisa and Floyd are still at it. They specialize in 'old-fashioned' service, with a Cajun twist. Rhonda Johnson came from Louisiana, and brought her recipes for gumbo, etouffee, and jambalaya with her. The store has become the local "Homesick Cajun Headquarters", and during crawfish season (February-June), Lisa sells them by the bagful. (She sold 34 tons of live crawfish in 2008!) They also carry a great selection of seafood, and wonderful Cajun holiday goodies like TurDucHens and wonderful hams. They do custom orders, too.



"Was that for today?"


Floyd "The World-Famous Butcher" Johnson





Directions to Floyd's Meat & Seafood

Plug this address into your GPS:

4067 E. Kiehl Ave

Sherwood, AR 72120

And if you don't have a GPS:

We are located in Sherwood Plaza, on E. Kiehl Ave, right next door to Casa Mexicana.


From 67/167 Southbound:

  1. Take the Kiehl Ave exit, bear right after U-Haul store.
  2. Go straight at the light.
  3. Floyd's Meat & Seafood is about two blocks down on the right, just past Harvest Foods

If you google 4067 E. Kiehl ave, you'll see our store- sort of. For those of you who are GPS deficient- just call us- we'll guide you in...

(yeah, some folks seem to think we're in Florida...)

Floyd's Meat & Seafood 39 years and counting!


Thank you for your business over the years between our former locations in Jacksonville (Main Street and Marshall Road, 22 years in that location, now Chili's, the Bank and Sonic)


Main Street in Jacksonville at Crestview Plaza, 3.5 years (next to the Revenue Office) and our current and only location on Kiehl Avenue in Sherwood since March of 2004 to present.

We aren't in Jacksonville, AR anymore, so don't go looking for us there!