Holiday Pork



Great pork alternatives if you're suffering from "Holiday Ham Fatigue"!


Boneless Pork Roast

  •  Available from 2- 20 pounds
  •  Cook in oven, smoker, or crockpot
  •  Available seasoned or plain
  •  Market Price


Pork Top Loin

  •  Boneless pork that can be cooked whole, stuffed, or cut into chops
  •  Any amount, any size
  •  Market price


Crown Pork Roast

  •  Made to resemble the crown of thorns on the Messiah's head
  •  Bone-in pork roast is great centerpiece for your holiday dinner
  •  Seasoned or plain
  •  13- 16 chops
  •  Advanced order required
  •  Market Price


Honor Guard Pork Roast

  •  Bone-in pork roast made to resemble military honor guard swords in crossed salute
  •  Minimum 5 chops
  •  Seasoned or plain
  •  Advance order required
  •  Market Price


Stuffed Pork Chops


  • Wonderful thick boneless pork chops with a deep pocket stuffed with your choice of dressing:
  •  Pork Jambalaya 
  • Andouille Wild Rice Pork Chops
  •  Advance order required
  •  Market Price


Seafood Stuffed Pork Chops available by Special Order Only. (We make the stuffing from scratch.)