Buffalo Meat

AKA American Bison

Special Order Only

We are able to get Buffalo meat from Ratchford Farms, in beautiful Marshall, AR. We can order the following cuts for you:

  •      Buffalo Jerky
  •      Bison Burger

Call or come by to find out what we have available!  

We are keeping bison burger in stock at all times as well as bison and elk jerky, but the other cuts of steaks and roasts will have to be ordered in advance.

They are available about every 2 weeks, call for prices if interested.

Shop number is 501 833 3308.

Bison burger is always available. One pound packages are $12.99 per pound.

If you are into healthy eating and the local food movement, and want to reduce your carbon ‘footprint’ and support the local economy, this is one way you can do it and be an ‘Arkavore’!  

Contact Lisa at Floyd’s if you are interested in these items, plus more!