About Our Crawfish 




Live Louisiana Crawfish 2017

Floyd's Meat & Seafood is home of the "Swimming Yesterday, Guaranteed"  Live Louisiana Crawfish!   


Floyd's Meat and Seafood has been the leader in top quality LIVE and COOKED Louisiana crawfish for more than 27 years. We have sold  way over one million pounds in our company history. We are the largest seller of live crawfish in Central Arkansas short of a supplier. 


We get our crawfish from way down deep in Cajun country, from suppliers we have used for years and years, not some fly by night suppliers. We do NOT sell crawfish from anywhere but Louisiana. We do not sell the inferior white crawfish sold in Arkansas. Even our crawfish tailmeat is from Louisiana.  


Nothing but the best for our customers, everybody else can have the junk, you won't get it at Floyd's.   


Floyd's has suppliers who have been raising and buying live crawfish for several generations and they are just what Lisa likes- picky, picky, picky. They are picky first, Lisa is picky second, so you never have to worry about what you are getting from us. 


Our suppliers are very reliable. We have NEVER had to make excuses to our customers about our product not showing up.


Floyd's gets crawfish  that were swimming yesterday, guaranteed. We NEVER buy any holdovers from the previous week, no several days old crawfish, no old junk, no dead, no crushed, no molted, soft icky crawfish.  


We have  been known to skip a week or two during season due to hard molting. If we're out of crawfish, we're out for a good reason. We feel that we would rather have you mad at us for skipping a week or two due to molting than sell them anyway and have you REALLY mad. 


We get our crawfish on Fridays only at the beginning and end of the season, then when season gets into full swing, we get deliveries several times per week.    


Floyd's has the BEST COOKED crawfish in the state, we know this because no matter how much is cooked, we sell out every weekend. We never have to put the price down on our stuff to get rid of it, it moves itself  by the tens of pounds, sometimes hundreds of pounds at a time.We even give free samples to let you try before you buy to see how good they are.  


Floyd's is not a restaurant, so we sell our cooked crawfish chilled.




Season for live crawfish is generally  from SuperBowl weekend (early February)  to about Father's Day (middle of June) although they can start and stop earlier and later depending on weather and other factors we mortals have no control over. Mother Nature makes the rules, we follow them.   


Please ORDER your LIVE crawfish by 4 PM ON THURSDAYS for Friday and Saturday pick up. 


Order your COOKED crawfish by NOON on Wednesdays for Friday and Saturday pick up. 




When you order by the deadline, we will reserve your cooked crawfish for you to pick up for the weekend. HOLIDAY WEEKENDS : Easter, Good Friday, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Memorial Day: please try to order earlier in the week. These are HIGH demand weekends.    


We require your name, phone number(s), amount you want, day and time for pick up and a debit/credit card or cash deposit. No order will be filled without a deposit.  


We accept VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, EBT, debit and credit cards and cash. NO CHECKS.   


Pick up is Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm.


We close Friday at 6 pm. We close on Saturday at 5 pm.  


We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.   


Crawfish must be picked up regardless of the weather- rain, shine, sleet or snow. If you order you must pick up unless you call and cancel 24 hours in advance.  Check the Weather Channel or National Weather Service for updated weather forecasts for your area.   


We keep spare LIVE crawfish on hand each week and they are sold on a first come, first served, basis.  


We always sell out, so call early Friday or Saturday morning to snag any spares if you  want to have a last minute crawfish boil. 


Hey, parties happen.   




Floyd's sells our LIVE crawfish by the WHOLE SACK, which weigh between 30 and 40 pounds in weight.  


We also sell our LIVE crawfish in 20 to 25 pound amounts (half sack) at a slightly higher price than the full sack.


THE PRICE CHANGES EACH WEEK- based on catch, weather, gas prices and other things out of our control.   


Please call on Tuesday the week you are having your boil to get the market price for that week. We cannot, as much as we would like to, give you a price for any time in the future beyond the present week. Best price is on a full sack or more. Half sacks are a little bit more expensive (Larry charges for getting pinched !)   


Cooked crawfish prices also change weekly with the market.




We will begin getting Select  (very large)  washed and graded live crawfish about late March. Watch for the announcement.   






No ice chest is too large, but they can be too small, so bring a honkin' big one. Beg, borrow or steal one from friends, neighbors or co- workers, but bring one. PLEASE bring several un-opened bags of cubed ice.  


You can also bring wet towels to put over your crawfish. Putting your crawfish in an ice chest protects them from wind, and sun on the way home, and cuts down on loss. Even a short drive home in the open bed of your truck can cause you to lose 1 to 2 percent from gill dry out.    




Once you get you little bitty party buddies home, keep them in the sack in the chest out of sun, wind and water. Keep that un opened bag of ice in there on top of them to keep them cool. Sort, wash and or purge an hour before you cook.    


Floyd's will NOT be responsible for mistakes customers make on improper transportation, handling, storage, or cooking. Once you leave our store with  them, they are your  full responsibility. If you have questions about handling, storage, do's and don'ts,  please ask us before leaving the store.   




Floyd's Meat and Seafood has the widest variety of crawfish boiling spices this side of the Louisiana state line, guaranteed. We've got everything from tongue-tingling goodness to blow-your-mind spices. For a full list of spices, please see our Crawfish Boil Spices page, listed on the sidebar.


We sell everything you need except cold beer and friends. Cold beer is available at the corner liquor store, so you're in good shape, the friends part, well, you are on you own there!!!  

But, hey, if you take home a sack of our live crawfish, you'll have hundreds of little friends to party with, that is until you drop 'em in the boiling water, than the party is on for you and over for them!!!

We sell cooking pots with basket and lids, several sizes. We sell burner stands, heavy duty quality stuff. We sell cooking accessories: skimmers, bayou paddles, dippers, beer can chicken racks and more. We sell oyster knives, too. 

We also sell the PARTY PACKS: Vegetables for your crawfish boil   for as little as 10 people to as much as hundreds of people.  

Call Lisa or Larry at Floyd's for details on this. Party packs include corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic and  lemons!!! We can also get you the boiling spices, sausages and Gulf shrimp for your crawfish boil!  

Check our our party packs for large gatherings! WE SELL FRESH GULF SHELL OYSTERS, TOO!!! 


Let it be known that Floyd's DOES NOT sell to other vendors in the state of Arkansas, nor do we GET supplied by vendors here in Arkansas.
Our suppliers are in Louisiana, our crawfish come from Louisiana and not from here.
Please inform us if you hear otherwise, because this is not true.
It seems like jealous competitors are telling people that they supply us, and being that they are selling junk, they are slandering our good name.