Finfish Selection


We offer a great selection of wild-caught, flash frozen and vacuum-packed seafood. This fish is caught, processed and frozen on the boat. 


Saltwater selection:

  • Flounder fillet 
  • Rock Cod fillet
  • Halibut steak 
  • Grouper fillet 
  • Mahi-mahi fillet 
  • Red snapper fillet
  • Tuna Steak 
  • Salmon fillet
  • Swordfish steak 
  • Stuffed Flounder
  •  Orange Roughy
  •  Encrusted Tilapia
  •  Stuffed Salmon

Freshwater selection:

  • Catfish fillets and steaks 
  • Rainbow trout fillets 
  • Tilapia fillets


Other Stuff

  • Alligator meat- farm raised in the USA 
  • Frog legs- farm raised, imported 
  • Stuffed flounder- wild-caught, USA