Cooking Goodies


Floyds Meat and Seafood strives to cover all the bases for your cooking needs and desires,
from oyster knives and crawfish boiling pots to deep fry thermometers and crab grabbers,
we are your outdoor food adventure destination.
Please call for prices, as they tend to change here and there.
Cooking Accessories 
Oyster knives    
Professional grade, steel blade with a Sani Plas handle, hand it down to your
grandkids. No dime store junk, this.
18 inch long nickel plated skimmers
(Keeps your knuckles out of the hot water)
36 inch long nickel plated skimmers
24 inch long aluminum perforated skimmers
24 inch long stainless steel cooking paddles
42 inch long stainless steel stirring paddles (hide this from your drunk buddy who just noticed that  HUGE hornets nest over there..)
35 inch long wood Cajun stirring paddles (guys, hide this from your wives!)
Injector needles
Crab Crackers
Makes it easier for you to deal with crab legs (or nuts if
you're not into crab legs).
Beer Can Chicken Racks
5 inch long deep fry thermometers for fish fryers
12 inch long deep fry thermometers for turkey fryers
Regulators for LP Gas cookers
10 Quart fry pots with basket and keep cool handles
Nice, well made stock pots with vent lids and baskets with a handle.
The only problem with these is they wont fit in the sink, so you gotta wash them in the yard
with the garden hose and a scrub brush.  Wash the dog and the car while you're out there....
Cooking Pot sizes Floyd's sells and how much you can cook in them:
24 Quart  cooks 12 pounds  (the only one small enough for inside)
34 Quart  cooks 17 pounds
42 Quart  cooks 21 pounds
60 Quart  cooks 30 pounds (a lite sack of crawfish)
80 Quart  cooks 40 pounds (a heavy sack of crawfish)
100 Quart  cooks 50 pounds
Larger pots are available by special order, allow 2 weeks.
120 quart
160 quart
High Pressure  Double Jet  Burner Stands
Heavy duty rig, doubles as a boat anchor when not in use.
Boils a large pot of water extra fast, kinda like standing at the tail end of an
F16 jet.
Includes braided LP hose, regulator, wind guard and hose protector.
Crawfish Tables
New item! Black heavy duty plastic tables measure 43'' by 43'', has  4 beverage holders and 8 condiment wells built in,
comes with a bungee cord that holds table over a large trash can
and a large center hole for shells, beer cans and your obnoxious drunk buddy that's been
annoying your girlfriend all afternoon.
Hoses clean and makes your next party more fun and less stressful.