Sausage, Boudin and Tasso Selection


Floyd’s prides itself in having the widest selection of authentic Louisiana andouille

and boudin sausages this side of the Arkansas Louisiana  state line. We even

have a few from our neighboring states of Mississippi, Texas and even Florida.


Whether you’re making gumbo, red beans and rice, maque choux, shrimp and

grits or just throwing something on the grill for dinner, we have you covered.

Check out our selection here:




Pronounced An-DOO -EE, this is the traditional sausage used in gumbo, red

beans and rice and jambalaya dishes.

It’s a little on the spicy side, made with pork only and is fully cooked and hickory


It is great on the grill, in the smoker, steamed or pan fried. Try to avoid the

microwave. It makes the natural casing tough.




Manda brand from Baton Rouge, LA

Savoie’s brand from Opelousas, LA

Zatarain’s brand from New Orleans, LA

Country Pleasin’ brand from Mississippi


Coming soon (I hope) Richard’s brand from LA




Pronounced BOO-DAN, this is a rice sausage with pork, onions, a tiny bit of pork

liver, spices and broth stuffed into an edible natural casing.


It is great on the grill, in the steamer, in the oven and even in the microwave.


It is a type of stand alone side dish sausage. Don’t try to throw it into a shrimp or

crawfish boil!

Because it is not a solid meat sausage, it will turn into rice soup at the bottom of

the pot but your grill will love it.

You can also make boudin balls and stuff jalapenos and bell peppers with it.


Steam boudin in a little bit of water on top of the stove or  put it on the grill until

the skin looks crispy. Let stand a few minutes and slice into pieces, eat it straight

out  of (or in)  the casing or put it on bread with mayo or mustard and have a

boudin sandwich.


Boudin sausage selection


Big Easy  brand crawfish boudin from Lake Charles, LA

Big Easy brand shrimp boudin from Lake Charles, LA

(seafood boudin is always frozen)


Cajun Delight brand  from Breaux Bridge, LA

Manda brand  from Baton Rouge, LA

Savoie’s brand from Opelousas, LA

Zummo brand from Beaumont, TX

Zummo brand smoked boudin from Beaumont, TX

Zummo  brand jalapeno boudin from Beaumont, TX


Richard’s brand (coming soon, I hope)


Other sausages and tasso


Not everybody likes a spicy Cajun sausage, so we have all types of sausages for

your eating, cooking, and grilling adventures.

From alligator to green onion, mild to spicy, we have something for everyone at



Manda brand mild  pork sausage from Baton Rouge, LA

Polk’s brand spicy pork sausage from Magee, MS

Country Pleasin’ brand  green onion pork sausage from MS

Sweet heat pork, cheddar and pineapple sausage from TX

Savoie’s pork and alligator sausage from Opelousas, LA

Pork and gator sausage from MS

Chicken andouille sausage from Broussard’s Bayou Grill in Pensacola FL


We occasionally carry the following sausages as well, generally during crawfish

season and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when folks are doing a lot

of cooking.


Savoie’s beef sausage from Opelousas, LA*

Savoie’s mild pork sausage from Opelousas, LA

Savoie’s hot pork sausage from Opelousas, LA

(*Beef sausage does not sell well in our store)




Tasso ham  is pork that is fully cooked, smoked and seasoned .

It is used primarily to season beans, greens, cabbage, red beans and vegetable

dishes. Many  folks use it in gumbo, jambalaya and to make shrimp and grits and

maque choux.


We normally carry it year round, but it  is in demand more in fall and winter.


I use tasso ham in my cabbage, green beans, brussels sprouts , blackeye peas

and Pinto beans.


Savoie’s pork tasso  from Opleousas, LA

Savoie’s turkey tasso from Opleousas, LA (winter only)



Check back on occasion to see what we have added and what we have taken out.

We like to try different sausages to see what goes and what doesn’t.

Some sausages are available in 5, 10 and 15 pound cases for big get togethers.

Please call in advance for quantity pricing. 501 833 3308.