Louisiana SELECT Crawfish




If size matters to you, take some of these jumbo 'bayou lobsters' home with you

this weekend!

These crawfish are graded-no small ones at all.

These crawfish are washed- no snail shells, grass, sticks or mud. 

These crawfish are ready to cook right out of the sack, but you must still purge


These are true graded crawfish, not "field graded" like some people who claim

to have graded bugs get. 


Ordering guidelines: 

If you want Selects for Tuesday or Wednesday: order them from us on Saturday

before ( because we are closed on Sundays and Mondays).

If you want Selects for Thursday: order by Wednesday 4 pm.

If you want Selects for Friday or Saturday: order by Thursday 4 pm. 

Just like our regular, nice sized crawfish, you must put down a deposit by cash

or credit or debit card. No exceptions. 

Sack sizes just like the regular, nice sized ones, 30 to 40 pounds in a sack. 

We do not break sacks on the Jumbo Selects because of the yield. 

There are a few things you need to know before buying the huge, Select




* All big, no small ones

* Washed, so you dont have to 

* You can show off to all your friends and family

* You can eat the claws, too 

* Longer cook/soak time so you can drink more beer


* The shells are harder 

* Takes more crawfish to feed people

* They take more seasoning 

* You gotta buy more beer ( and that's bad how?......)


Need more info? Call Floyds and talk to Lisa. 501 833 3308